September Boards and Commissions Vacancies

The next selection meeting for city boards & commissions will be on Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30pm at the Worcester Public Library.

I’ve saved the list of vacancies by district in GoogleDocs.  I know the list by district was especially helpful for those applying, and I’m glad to see that the city is once again producing the list in that format.

There are quite a few openings.  Some highlights:

  • There are three openings on the Citizen Advisory Council, which is the board that interviews candidates for openings.  If you’d like to encourage people to serve on boards and commissions, now is actually the perfect time to join.  I think they’re going to be ramping up efforts to get people to volunteer on boards, so if you’ve got ideas about how to get the word out, please consider applying for the CAC.
  • There are openings on some of what I would consider to be the most influential of the city’s boards.  If you live in District 4, there are openings on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Elections Commission.  If you live in D3, there’s (still) an opening on the Planning Board.  If you live in D2, there are openings on the Community Development Advisory Committee, Elections Commission, and License Commission.
  • There are still openings on lots of the lesser-known boards that could always use people with passion; some examples: Cable Television Advisory Committee, Elder Affairs Commission, and Commission on Disability.

Please consider applying for the boards that look most interesting…and get the word out to those you know.

One more way you can help: if you attend a neighborhood crime watch or residents meeting and would like someone from the CAC to talk to your group for a few minutes, let me know and I’ll see if something can be set up.


6 thoughts on “September Boards and Commissions Vacancies

  1. EPB says:

    You do the entire City a great service by providing this information

  2. EPB says:

    NOTE: the Google docs link didnt work

  3. Sprout says:

    I might hit you on that offer for speaking at the crime watch. How’s October?

  4. Eric K. says:

    In addition to helping you register to vote, IEC Worcester will have info. available on the various Worcester boards & commissions that citizens can serve on at Worcester Film Works showing of Spaceballs on August 25, 2011.

  5. jmstewart says:

    Wednesday, August 31 – 8:00 PM Last day and hour to:
    Register to vote in the Preliminary Election

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