(Great) Grandfathered Signage

Hope & Union Streets in Bristol, Rhode Island


5 thoughts on “(Great) Grandfathered Signage

  1. mike says:

    great picture. Im regular reader of your blog. Graduated from RWU in Bristol RI couple years back. Pic brings back good memories

    • Nicole says:

      I absolutely love Bristol! (Though I fancy that I’m really more of a Warren person — Warren seems like the slightly grittier town in between perpetually perky/patriotic Bristol and Newton wannabe Barrington.)

      • mike says:

        I agree with your assessments of Bristol and Warren, although I must say living on Hope Street during the 4th of July parade as a college student was alot of fun.

        And please dont get me even started on Barrington. They are on their own level. They just completed about a year long debate on whether to allow the first alcohol/package store in town. Always knew it would be an interesting class when a professor was from Barrington.

  2. mike says:

    i have heard about it…havent had the chance to see yet

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