Random tidbits

We were at dinner last night with friends.  One of those friends overheard part of a conversation at the next table.  It was a first date.  And what else does one talk about on a first date but…the city of Worcester?  (I wish I were joking.  They were comparing Worcester to Allentown, PA.)

Mike and I put together a list of the folks who’ll be appearing on the preliminary election ballot (for City Council) and the November ballot (for School Committee).

One of  the folks who will not be appearing on the ballot is Gabe Rollins.  Worcester has seen a blogger run for School Committee and win, and it would have been interesting to have had a blogger in the running for City Council as well.  Unfortunately, this won’t be the year to see that happen.

For you street sign enthusiasts, Tracy sent along a couple of great links: a fence made of recycled street signs (as I said at the City Council a couple of months ago: Sign Shop — call me!) and a street sign mistake in NYC.

The Burns Bridge is a done deal.

Yes, this is what writer’s block looks like.