Reminder: Blogger Get-Togethers this week

I got a lovely note from a guy who’s new to Worcester but not to blogging asking when our next get-together would be.

Lucky for him, we’re meeting twice this week (though “we” will likely be different groups of people):

Tomorrow (July 26) at 7pm, we’ll be at the Tornadoes.  If you’d like to come, just buy a grandstand/general admission ticket and meet us in section C (near first base).  I also have one free ticket for that game that belongs to the first person who emails me.

Thursday, July 28, Worcester Film Works will be showing Back to the Future. If you’d like to meet up, let’s plan on being near the middle part where the oval WWII memorial is.  (The festivities start at 6pm.)

I know some of you (well, maybe it’s just me and Cathy) would like to see a Worcester Shakespeare Company production.  Cathy and I would prefer the comedy to the tragedy.  Would anyone else like to go see Comedy of Errors on a Saturday or Sunday?  Look at the schedule and let me know what works!

One thought on “Reminder: Blogger Get-Togethers this week

  1. WAAAAA!!! I’m just noticing that I can’t make either of these. *sigh* Next time – I hope. Have fun all and I’ll watch for pictures and posts 🙂

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