Citizen Advisory Council meeting tonight

The CAC is having a business meeting tonight.  Up on the agenda:

Outreach ideas:

a. Crime Watch meetings
b. Enhance electronic media (facebook)
c. Clarify application process with media
d. List of boards difficult to fill
e. Chairperson meetings
f. Review CAC interview process – Applicants speak or CAC pose questions
g. Encourage City employees to apply for advisory boards

If this is something that interests you and to which you might want to contribute ideas, head over to Room 100 of City Hall tonight at 6 pm.

The WRRB recently put out a report that discussed, among other things, citizen involvement.  It has a great chart that shows vacancies and applications for boards and commissions for the past five years, by district.  2006 seemed to be a banner year for applications (with 97 people applying for 38 vacancies), so I’d be interested to see if there was a reason for so many people to apply that year.


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