I’ve been so preoccupied with other rants that I haven’t yet had time to point out an excellent Albert Southwick column on the bridge that crosses Lake Quinsigamond (to which I hope to respond more fully, and I’m sure you’ll hear about this at the City Council meeting as well) or complain about what’s going on with the banning of internet cafes in our city and state. 

Don’t worry, folks, there are plenty of rants left in this tiny brain!  It’s the energy level that’s lacking!

To the point of this post, though…

Tomorrow afternoon, the Friends of the Worcester Public Library will be showing Seven Years in Tibet, which is the story of a guy who turned from Nazi asshole to pretty decent guy.



But as we face the possibility of violence and anger in and around a place so dear to many of us, it’s important to remember that people can change and that good can still prevail.

I obviously don’t agree with the library board’s decision, but — regardless of what I feel or what they decided — tomorrow will likely not be an easy situation.

I would like to thank the library staff and especially the police who will be around tomorrow.  Thanks for being there for us library patrons.