Belmont Street

It seems as if the whole city of Worcester is changing before my eyes.

Every day, on my morning commute, I pass through properties in different stages of development: the demolition of Crompton and Knowles, the razing of the mall, and — as you will see below — some changes to Belmont Street.

This is how lower Belmont Street existed for much of my young childhood: bordered on one side by trees and a stone wall that enclosed rolling fields:

Over the past few weeks, there’s been much construction, presumably because of much-overdue improvements to Belmont Street:

However, some of those ‘improvements’ have meant cutting down any tree of decent size, and hauling it away, roots and all.  A few short weeks ago the view up the hill was obscured by large trees.  Now those trees are all gone:

Once a stone wall reminded us of the area’s agricultural roots:

 Now we are left with piles of stone and gaps in walls:

I do hope reconstruction of those walls is part of the plan.

I hope as well that the stone bus stop that looms so large in my children’s imaginations will be around for their own children to dream about:

(I’ve been thinking about the Burns Bridge as well as Belmont Street.   More thoughts on the former later today.)