Even more outdoor concerts

Jack let me know that St. John’s High School will be hosting three concerts on Tuesday nights beginning Tuesday, June 12 on the new Campus Green:

— 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 12: Saint John’s Jazz Combo.

— 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 19: Saint John’s Chorus and Saint John’s Jazz Combo.

— 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 26: Acoustic Night with musicians from the Saint John’s community.

Of course, the Friends of Newton Hill also sponsor concerts at Newton Square on Tuesday nights, so it really depends on what strikes your fancy.

MassMoms has a great roundup of all the area outdoor summer concerts.

Mill Street Supermarket Property

The former Big D/Price Chopper has experienced quite a few changes over the past few months.

Those of us who live close to it have noticed that it slowly, and then quite rapidly, turned into a trailer parking lot.

It was unclear whether the owners ever applied for a parking lot permit (though an inspector from the city did look into this), but there’s now a “For Sale” sign at the property:

The property, which had up until a few weeks ago been chock-full of trailers, is now empty:

Except, of course, for the building that housed a supermarket for so many years:

Should the property get a buyer, that building will likely be torn down. 

I’ve always thought that this property would be great for a restaurant that wanted a large room for events; there’s plenty of parking.  If someone were able to get a permit for a two-story building, that second story would have a pretty good view of the lake.

Right now, it’s just a vacant lot that doubles as an impromptu yard sale/flea market on some weekends.

Price Chopper held the lease for many years so that another supermarket couldn’t go into that site.  It would still be a good lot for a small supermarket (think Aldi) but the potential views would make it good for other types of businesses.

Here’s hoping that a site that has been vacant for so long finds a worthy buyer!