July 16, 3 PM

Anyone up for a liveblog?

(You can read my feelings about this group and its rights to disseminate its rather disgusting message in various posts: 1, 2, 3, 4.  I continue to feel that the best way to protest is to nonviolently witness them make fools of themselves as they spew hateful nonsense.)

4 thoughts on “July 16, 3 PM

  1. Jason F says:

    I really don’t get what they’re trying to do with the one scene in the video where the guy is scarily getting in the face of a much younger, smaller girl them him and screaming “Get out of my face!”

    I’m guessing cause she’s vaguely hispanic and her friend is not white that they’re obviously whats wrong with the country? She’s also saying “I was born in California, are you serious?” which really doesn’t help their mantra of omg the illegals.

    Also, why are they using the New England chart of shipwrecks in the clip? I really can’t tell if that video is a joke made by someone making fun of them or if its a serious attempt at publicity.

    • Nicole says:

      I assume from the dude’s other Youtube videos that this is real. Real cheesy, but real.

      I also do not get the whole “we pick on young women who are slightly tan” aspect of the video. Perhaps young women are really scary? Or cause shipwrecks?

      Also: the question that will now keep me up tonight is “Should I perhaps have included a Shakira video instead of Depeche Mode on this post?”

      • Nicole says:

        The dude who made the video posted the following in the T&G comments:

        ‘I am the creator of the NEWP video in question, I am RekindledRebelfire.

        ‘If you can’t tell by watching it, the video is a parody. Complete with an aggressive voice and explosions, it was inspired by testosterone-fueled monster truck commercials.

        ‘Yes, I added the “bike locks” part to deliberately antagonize any protesters who may have come. You know, the same people who cry and complain about “love, brotherhood, and communism”, the ones that brought bike locks to the previous meeting to assault people. Assault people who were doing nothing more than talking.

        ‘Yet, we, are the ones portrayed as the villans here. Nevermind the gang of communist agitators attacking people, no, get those “evil-racist-white-supremasists-nazi-kkk-etc…-etc…-caricatures I saw on TV.”

        ‘The library has surrendered to cowardice. The Library admin are not afraid of us mind you, they are afraid of the violence that would come from the guttersnipes and vermin of the antifa, ara, and opp. Yes, those brave champions of the proletariat.’

  2. […] soup kitchen expanding.[17:20] Abbott’s Worcester offices expanding.[18:00] Half-assed nazis to return to Worcester for well-protested but poorly-attended meeting.[18:48] Does Worcester suck?Published in: 508, Worcester | on July 8th, 2011 | Permanent Link to […]

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