CWW: Holden Free Store/WERRC

The Holden Free Store/Wachusett Earthday Recycled Resource Center’s last day has been extended to July 21; I second Mike’s recommendation to visit.

(And since we’re having such difficulty finding tenants for Union Station, it’d be nice to see a resource like this in one of the empty storefronts at the parking garage…)

4 thoughts on “CWW: Holden Free Store/WERRC

  1. elmparkblogger says:

    I was very impressed when I discovered a similar place like this in earthy crunchy Provincetown a few years ago on a bike tour.

    They had something like this too (it’s located at the community land dump there BTW).

    But seriously who is going to fund something like this in Worcester? (At least we have plenty of empty, retail space for it.) Downtown? the recently abandoned Bldg 19?

    • Nicole says:

      Many towns have a small building at a transfer station to do these kinds of purposes. It’s not necessarily a new idea, but it’s a great one. (And it can make life a bit easier for lots of folks…I just think of preschool teachers when I see the toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.)

      If we’re already in the hole to the tune of $500k a year on Union Station, and if the WERRC desperately needs a place to host them, I really do think this could be a win/win for the citizens of Worcester.

  2. Dw says:

    Put it in the abandoned mall! What better way to celebrate the failure of consumer culture than to put a free store in it’s place?

    Great news that the Holden free store is staying open a little longer!

    • Nicole says:

      Hey, my friend, the mall is being demolished. (Though, as my older son noted, there’s a lot of wastefulness going on in the demo — couldn’t ANYONE have used some of the glass from the windows? Did we really need to smash it?)

      To the Union Station thing, I think getting from Shrewsbury Street to the Canal District/Green Island is a huge pedestrian headache — you have to cross a highway off-ramp, go by the driveway for some train parking, under a highway overpass, etc. It’s not pretty and it’s not easily done.

      [Filled] Storefronts at the parking garage would go a small way to making that a little more pedestrian-friendly and provide visual interest. In Brattleboro, they have the Experienced Goods thrift store and the Brattleboro Co-op closeout store in the storefronts at the bottom of a similarly-sized parking garage.

      Since we’re losing money on Union Station ANYWAY, let’s think about ways to bring some benefits to the community.

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