CWW: Habitat ReStore

We’d taken these photos of the Habitat ReStore more than a month ago and neglected to post them.  So, the pictures are a touch out-of-date, but give you a sense of what kind of items available at the store and (in some cases) what the prices are like. 

Habitat sometimes lists selected items on Worcester Craigslist (search for “MWGW” in the for sale section), and that, too, can give you a sense of the selection they have on hand.

(Aside: On our visit, there were a lot of Western-style decorations.  Unfortunately, I only have one picture of a rodeo painting.)

Are the prices rock-bottom?  No. 

But the prices aren’t outrageous ($5000 for a kitchen, both cabinets and appliances, is more than I spent on my kitchen but far less than you’d spend new) and the proceeds benefit a great organization.

CWW: Out to Lunch Concerts

Every Friday from this Friday, July 1, through September 2, the Out to Lunch Concert Series will be happening on Worcester Common.

July 1st – Heavy Horses
July 8th – Grupo Fantasia
July 15th – The Diamond Connection
July 22nd – Decades by DeZyne
July 29th – Dale LePage and the Bobby Gadoury Trio
August 5th – Sun Parade
August 12th – Dell Smart and Exit In
August 19th – Bee’s Knees
August 26th – Reprobate Blues Band
September 2nd – Drunken Uncles

Full concert schedule here.

Also, on Wednesday, August 3, and Wednesday, August 10, Mechanics Hall will be hosting the Summer 2011 Worcester Organ Concerts.  More information here.

(Image: class assignment 11/01/06, a Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic image from Claudia Snell.)

CWW: Savers Half-Off Sale

Saturday, June 2 is the nearly-every-monthly half-off sale at Savers.  (This is half off clothing, shoes, and bed/bath only, however; books and bric-a-brac are full-price.)

However, I heard over the PA that if you are a Super Savers Club member, you can go on Friday night (June 1) between 7pm-9pm for the same discount.  (We’re going to get a card, but it’s been a super-painful process, and one only wonders how someone who doesn’t have an email address would join the club.)

CWW: Free and Cheap Summer Museum Admission

The Highland Street Foundation is once again sponsoring Free Fun Fridays at various museums around the state every Friday this summer.  For this Friday, July 1, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, and the Edward Gorey House (why, yes, that is the sound of me squeeing) in Yarmouth Port, will all have free admission. 

I highly recommend putting your favorite museums (or ones you’d like to try) on the calendar based on the Free Fun Fridays schedule.  (And it’s not just museums!  For instance, there will be a free concert at Tanglewood on August 12, free Boston Harbor Islands ferry rides on August 19, free plays, etc.)

The Discovery Museums in Acton are free every Friday evening (4:30pm-8:30pm) this summer (through August 26).

The Boston Children’s Museum always has $1 admission on Friday evenings (5-9pm) via the Target Foundation.  (And the Institute of ContemporaryArt Boston is free on Thursday nights from 5-9pm as well!)

The Harvard Museum of Natural History will have half-price nights on July 27 and August 24 from 5:00 – 8:00 PM.  (Though you can also take a museum pass out of the library and get tickets slightly cheaper.)

Leicester marijuana redux

When we last left our heroine, she was supposed to ask Chief Hurley how many tickets were issued in total.

Luckily, Clive McFarland found that they issued 252 tickets, which puts the rate of paid/issued tickets at 51% (versus Worcester and Dudley, which each had a rate of 64%).  (I should note that he, too, compare apples to oranges, however.  Worcester issued 58 tickets not “over the same period of time”, but over an 18-month period.)

It’s unclear whether the difference in rate is negligible or not, considering all the numbers are so low, but it does give us a slightly better basis for comparison with both Worcester and the similarly sized Dudley.)

I will follow up with Chief Hurley to see how many tickets he would estimate were issued to college students.

The following part of the column is of especial interest:

Which means, according to Chief Hurley, that an individual need not be caught with a joint, or even a roach, to be cited.

If the police determine that you have just finished smoking marijuana, by detecting the smell of marijuana on your person, for example, you can be cited, according to the chief.

The SJC recently ruled that you cannot be ordered out of your car on the basis of the smell of marijuana alone.

I don’t think this applies to pedestrians (which I think is likely what Chief Hurley is discussing here), but it’s always a good idea to know your rights, folks.

CWW: Neighborhood Nature Programs

via Mass Audubon:

There are going to be a few great (and free!) programs at Worcester parks this summer for parents and children.

Neighborhood Nature at Elm Park

Wednesdays, June 29 – August 24 / 1:00-4:00 pm
Fridays, July 1 – August 26 / 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Drop in anytime for activities, crafts, stories, and nature walks.

Take a break from the playground to learn about the plants and animals that can be found in Worcester through hands-on projects and games.

Neighborhood Nature on the Water at Green Hill Park

At Green Hill Park Pond

Fridays, July 8 – August 26 / 2:00-5:00 pm

Open to families with children ages 6 and up

Description: Join the fun in our canoes and learn about the wildlife that depend upon this park. We provide canoes, paddles, personal flotation vests, and basic canoeing instruction. You provide the enthusiasm and interest! Swimming skills are required.

An adult must accompany all participants under 18 years.

Program may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Please call 508-753-6087 to check program status. When there is a line, we ask participants to limit the ride to 20 minutes.