Cheap Dior Alert

I know I should save this for a Cheap Worcester Wednesday, but there is this absolutely awesome Christian Dior skirtsuit at Goodwill on Park Avenue for $15.  It’s a size 8, it’s purple-and-blue-striped, and even my husband feels it’s pretty nifty.

There is no way I am ever going to be able to squeeze myself into a size 8 skirt this lifetime, but if there’s one thing in the world j’adore, it’s Dior.  So if you are a size 8 and you, too, adore Dior, do not walk but RUN to Goodwill and pick up that outfit. 

And then send me a picture so that I can drool.

(Yes, I know I should take pictures of the new design of Goodwill.  Soon, mes amis!)


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