CWW: Children’s Concert Next Week

Worcester Public Library will be hosting two concerts with the musical storyteller Odds Bodkin on Thursday, June 30:

11am-noon at the Main Library
3pm-4pm at Frances Perkins

Description from the library website:

Odds Bodkin, musical storyteller, is the winner of many awards including the Parent’s Choice Gold Award and the Storytelling World Award. His all original music on 12 string guitar, Celtic harp & other instruments makes his collection of stories resemble pieces of musical theatre as much as storytelling.

While the concert is free, you need to pick up tickets at the Children’s Desk (if you want to attend a concert at the Main Library) or the circulation desk (if you want to attend a concert at Frances Perkins).  Get them today!

Other upcoming events of interest:

For kids, the Great Dewey Race will be on July 21.

For adults, there will be a “playtime” with e-readers and audio devices on June 30.  More information here.