CWW: Library Book Sale on Saturday

The Worcester Public Library will be having a summer book sale on Saturday, June 18 from 10am-4pm in the Main Lobby of the library.

Books for adults and children will be 25 cents each (Buy 4, get 1 free).  Magazines will be 10 cents each.

(Confession: I go to these cheapo book sales and always end up with a William Trevor book or two.  I have no idea why: I don’t much like William Trevor, but I feel like I should read him because he’s a Modern Master, so I buy more books and still don’t like him.  In short, if you want some William Trevor books, you can have all of mine!)

Also on Saturday, the Children’s Garden will be planted starting at 9am.  So go out with the kids, plant something, and buy some books.

Boards and Commissions Vacancies by District

You asked for it, you got it:

Vacancy Listing WITH DISTRICTS

Please note that this is NOT an official publication of the City of Worcester.

You should, however, note that this proposal (to have a vacancy listing with districts) is on the agenda for the Citizen Advisory Council for their next meeting on June 29.

They will also be reviewing applicants for boards and commissions at that meeting.

So —

1) If you feel strongly about the district listing, show up at their meeting for five minutes and let your feelings be known.

2) You should apply for a board or commission.  I may not have said this before, but this is actually how you get to meet movers and shakers in the city.  To wit, Bill Wallace knows who I am and doesn’t immediately cross the street when he sees me!

Seriously, you can join a board and get an experience like this once a month: