CWW: West Brookfield Library Booksale

This Saturday, June 11, the Friends of the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library in West Brookfield will be holding their Book & Bake Sale from 9am-2pm at the library (3 West Main Street, West Brookfield – right on Route 9).

I cannot recommend this booksale enough.  I go to many a booksale in the course of a year, and I always look forward to this one.

First, the Friends and staff at this library are among the friendliest I encounter.  If you have a lot of books, they usually help you get them into your car.  The librarians always let me know about all the programs going on.  These folks are super nice!

Second, the prices are incredibly cheap.  Last year, it was $5 for a bag full of kids books, $10 for a bag full of audio books (on CD!), etc.  The materials are usually in excellent shape.

Third, there’s usually some other mad town-wide flea market going on that Saturday, so if you like other stuff with your books, you can usually find it.  (However, it also means that parking is a bit tight in the library area, so you might have to drive along a bit to find a spot!)