National Trails Day at God’s Acre – June 4


I’d been meaning to write about our Earth Day Cleanup at God’s Acre/Swan Avenue, which was once again a success, and I keep putting it off.

And part of that is a good thing: the cleanup has become nearly routine, and this year, our fourth, was certainly not the production of years past.

Our successes, as always, were in gathering stuff that has been dumped on the side of Swan Avenue that has a bit of a hill:

You can really get a sense of the height difference between the road and the woods here:

I will never stop wondering why folks need to walk their stuff into the woods.  It would be so much easier for us if they’d just dump by the side of the road!

My real pet peeve is not the complete-first-floor-remodel-debris-dumping, not the refrigerators-off-the-cliff, but folks who dump leaves in black plastic bags in the woods. 

Forget “I Will Teach Worcester To Be Rich“…I Will Teach Worcester To Compost!

You can see more pictures of the cleanup on Bob Q’s Picasa site.  I have a tendency to downplay our efforts, and I always come away from the pictures in awe of how much we’re able to do in just a few hours.

I’d like to thank everyone who assisted:

  • The Regional Environmental Council for their assistance and supprt.
  • The neighbors (like Jack) and non-neighbors (like Bob Q.) who humor my primadonna attitude (“I want that armchair gone — get to it!”) and whose efforts have made this area quite tidy!
  • Jim Kempton (and everyone at Worcester DPW&P), who kindly picked up this stuff, which could not fit into our dumpster:

(An aside about Jim K. — I told him that if I started an “I love Jim Kempton” Facebook Group, we’d likely get 100 people in no time.  He refused to believe that he has scores of fans all across the city…)

  • The awesome Dennis O’Connor from Superior Waste & Recycling, who is extremely helpful and always stays ’til the bitter end. 


I often joke about having a ten-year plan for God’s Acre, and we’re in Year Four.  We’ve pretty much met most of my ten-year goals: we’ve got boulders blocking the cart path, we’re pretty much picking up new trash every year, I don’t wince as I walk down the street, etc.

The Greater Worcester Land Trust and its volunteers have been hard at work for nearly a year on many items on my plan, including cleaning out the small pond along the cart path and doing a crazy amount of trail blazing.

Their efforts have paid off, and God’s Acre will be a site for National Trails Day on Saturday, June 4, from 4-7pm.  You can find more details here.

I really hope folks will come down and walk some of the trails, see the Deed Rock, and enjoy this beautiful piece of land that so many people have worked to reclaim and improve.

Thank you, all of you.  You are amazing.

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