Last Night’s Council Meeting

I didn’t catch all of last night’s City Council meeting, but here were the highlights, at least from my home viewing:

1) Blind item: which elected official left the meeting and returned with a cup of tea that clearly came from an establishment across the street from City Hall?  Yes, during the meeting.

2) The liveblog unfortunately did not feature the MikeGermain moment of the evening (about two hours in): “just a quick story…which I know will drive everyone nuts.”  And then Mike committed what could be political suicide in Worcester: he admitted he once lived in Auburn.  (Also, Mike, you drive some of us nuts all the time, but in a good way.)

(The story itself was about how he lived on a road right over the border from Worcester, and it was hilly and treacherous in the winter, and would see the Worcester snow plows from his house and told his then-wife that they really needed to move to Worcester.)

He then championed DPW: “with all due respect with every person who works for the city of Worcester…, if we start cutting public works…the phone will be ringing off the hook.”

3) At one point, Commissioner Moylan was discussing signage in the city.  They spend about $45,000 on all signs (not just street signs) in a year.  FYI for those interested.

4) Sean Maher of the Local 495, who is so ubiquitous I probably see him more than I see my own mother, spoke, and every time people referred to him (or he referred to himself), my husband said, “What is that guy’s last name?  Moore?  Maher?” and then proceeded to rage against the silent r.

5) At some point, Bill Eddy remembered that he was the chair of the Youth, Parks, and Recreation Standing Committee (to be fair, he might have forgotten because they haven’t met once this year) and rose to ask about the golf course.  Oh, and the ball fields.  No comment.

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