CWW: Savers Memorial Day Sale

Savers will be holding their big half-off sale on Memorial Day beginning at 7am.

Before the store in Lincoln Square opened, the Webster Square Savers was a zoo on these sale days (lines out the door for at least twenty minutes before the store opened, people with carts loaded up with goods, etc.) though I think that the Webster Square Savers is less crazy on sale days now that there’s a second Worcester store.

I’ve never quite understood the lines-out-the-door thing.  Salvation Army has a half-off-everything-except-the-newest-colored-ticket sale every single Wednesday, and while there might be a handful of ladies hanging out a few minutes before the store opens, it’s certainly not pandemonium.

But I know lots of folks who shop at Savers who never, ever go to the Salvation Army, or Goodwill, or any of the other, smaller area thrift stores.

I’ve bene trying to think about why I know so many devoted Savers-goers who never go to another thrift store, and I think there are a few reasons why:

1) For some reason, people don’t really think of Savers as a thrift store because it doesn’t call itself a thrift store and thus you can avoid the potential stigma of answering “Goodwill” when someone asks where you got that awesome jacket.  (Though everyone who knows me also knows that all my clothes are either thrifted or hand-me-downs, and most people are impressed at my extensive collection of thrifted pantsuits.)

2) The new Savers at Lincoln Street — at least — feels like a department store or, at least, like a Marshalls or a TJ Maxx.  A lot of the stuff doesn’t look like it’s secondhand, and part of that is just the surroundings: the store is brightly-lit and well-labeled.  Even a bright, practically new shirt in Salvation Army can feel a bit, well, used in the somewhat dingy surroundings.

3) Clothing at Savers is sorted by size.  I don’t know who wrote the thrift store manual that says that clothes should be sorted by color, but it is really annoying to pick out a shirt in the perfect shade of green only to find that it’s a size 2.  Sorting and labeling clothes by size actually cuts down on the thrifting disappointments by focusing you on just the things that will fit.  For those of us who shop with kids, it’s also mighty convenient to have a quick ten-minute trip in the clothing aisles rather than a half-hour scavenger hunt.

Question for the readership: Has anyone signed up for the Super Savers Club card?  Is it worth it?

3 thoughts on “CWW: Savers Memorial Day Sale

  1. RichSPK says:

    Is the Webster Square Savers the one near Harbor Freight? I went in there once, and I’m not sure why, but I liked shopping in the Goodwill on Park Ave, near Grove, better than Savers.

    • Tracy Novick says:

      Yes, it is.
      And I’m sticking with the Salvation Army, too.

      • Nicole says:

        I should perhaps have been clearer in my post, but I continue to be a huge SA fan, especially since they totally hooked me up with my new, much-needed formal gown. 🙂

        Also, everyone who works there greets my kids & me (& husband) like celebrities. They congratulate me for getting time off when they see me shopping without my kids (extremely rarely!).

        Also — to Rich’s point — I think it depends on what you’re shopping for, but I usually have very good luck at Goodwill. One problem with Goodwill is the limited selection of kids’ clothing (which came about as a result of the CPSC ridiculousness…)

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