Open Meeting law training

FYI for those of you who might be interested…I can’t attend, but I wish I were able to!  (Also, if someone’s got an in with the Citizen Advisory Council, this might be worth posting on their FB page.)

Open Meeting Law Training Session
June 1, 2011 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Worcester Public Library
updated: Levi Lincoln Room, Worcester City Hall

Join members of the Attorney General’s Division of Open Government Office at one of four regional sessions that will provide an update on and guidance about compliance with the recently revised Open Meeting Law. The forums are open to the public at offered free of charge. Attorney General Martha Coakley invites you to attend one of seven regional meetings on the Open Meeting Law.  These meetings will provide an update on and guidance about compliance with the recently revised Open Meeting Law.  The educational forums will be conducted by attorneys and staff from the Division of Open Government and will be a terrific opportunity for municipal officials, members of local public bodies, and members of the public to understand this important law.  The forums are open to the public and offered free of charge.

Who should attend?
Members of public bodies; municipal officials; and members of the public are all encouraged to attend.

Please register in advance by emailing OMLTraining <at> the following information:
1) Your first and last names;
2) Your town of residence;
3) The public body/organization you represent, if appropriate; and
4) Indicate the location of the educational forum you will attend.

3 thoughts on “Open Meeting law training

  1. Brendan Melican says:

    Just went through one of these training sessions as a component of a larger certification. This is probably the best opportunity to get an overview of OML and ask the obscure hypothetical questions only the AG’s office is prepared to answer.

  2. I attended one of the first sessions when the OML was changed last year. At the time, the AG’s office was insisting that all announcements be in print. The town of Phillipston had to put up a new outside bulletin board to handle the number of meeting announcements. (The town hall is open for very few hours during the week.) The AG’s office is now allowing web publication to be the equivalent to posted notices.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for this — I though the 24/7 requirement for announcements was well-intentioned, but really tough to implement without allowing the internet.

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