MikeGermain on What It’s Worth

It’s like someone answered a prayer I didn’t even make: Mike Germain was on the 200th episode of What It’s Worth.

I’ve previously talked about how much I love What It’s Worth, and I think we all know how I feel about MG.

Unfortunately, this was not the best interview TC has ever done, because we’ve heard the “I think Worcester’s inferiority complex comes out of the late 70s” speech about fifty times before, and because Mike Germain, whose forte is the small, self-deprecating quip, doesn’t work quite as well in the long-ish form of the 30 minute interview.

Here’s the best of MG and TC:

Mike Germain: “I’m Irish with a French name.  Everybody knows I’m Irish.  Look at the baked potatoes in my face.” [from the 8.55 mark]
Mike Germain, talking about Worcester – “It’s a small Kansas City” [from the 20:55 mark]
Tom Colletta, also talking about Worcester: “It’s not that bad here, but it costs to park” [from the 23.15 mark]
I love the Proust Questionnaire portion of What It’s Worth, and MG was at his MikeGermainiest at that part of the interview.  Seriously, tell me if any of these was really a surprise to you:
Favorite TV show: Gilligan’s Island
Favorite actor: Pacino [because, on WiW, you can only name “De Niro” or “Pacino” in this category]
Favorite actress: Tina Louise [though, to be fair, it seemed he was stumped]
Favorite sport: hockey [Did you need to ask?!?]
So, the interview is probably only necessary for the Mike Germain completist. 

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