It’s Miller Time: Earth Day Cleanup This Saturday

This Saturday, the Regional Environmental Council will once again be sponsoring Earth Day Cleanups.

For the fourth year in a row, I’ll be coordinating the cleanup on Swan Avenue/God’s Acre this Saturday, April 30, from 8am to noon.   

I’d love it if folks could come down for an hour or two on Saturday morning.  Do not be intimidated by pictures of last year’s haul — this cleanup will not be nearly as involved.

Directions to our site:
Go up Williamsberg Drive from Mill Street. 
Take a left onto Outlook. 
If you value your car and do not want to drive on extremely bumpy dirt roads, park near the corner of Outlook and Swan and walk up Swan Avenue.

We’ll meet a little bit past the corner of Swan and Paris Avenues (or thereabouts; feel free to keep walking up Swan if you don’t see anyone).

Please bring a wheelbarrow if you have one.

We’re going to be cleaning the area where the red pushpin (or purple balloon) is on this map:

This year’s cleanup is dedicated to the awesome Solomon Parsons.  Because in God’s Acre, it’s always Miller Time.

In case this does not appeal to you at all, Broad Meadow Brook is also looking for volunteers on Saturday morning to work on trail blazing and tree pruning.  More information here.

“Illustrative Typography” (a.k.a. Shortchanging Short Street)

What the DPW&P lacks in typograhic & proofreading skills, it sometimes makes up for with a sense of humor worthy of a Beavis or a Butthead:

Short . . . and now fat. Heh heh, heh heh, heh heh.

Unfortunately, that sign replaced one that was perfectly readable and which was MUTCD-compliant.  On this one, the letters are  . . . too short.

Short Street is actually quite short . . . in length.  Less than 100 feet away at the other end of that short street, the DPW left this beauty in place:

Typographic chuckles aside, we taxpayers would really like to know what’s driving the sign replacement program.  I can’t see anything here except a peculiar sense of whimsy and a mysteriously large budget for sign materials and associated labor.