Reminder – Blogger Coffee on Wednesday

Here’s a friendly reminder that our next blogger coffee/smoothie will be:

time: Wednesday, April 27 from 5:30pm-7:00pm
location: Nu Cafe, 335 Chandler Street

After the blogger coffee, we’d also like to invite you to a seed bomb making at Sprout at 7:00pm.  You can find more about seed bombs here and here.

So — if you can’t make the Blogger Coffee before 7pm, please join us at Sprout (and vice versa). 

I look forward to seeing you all (again or for the first time) soon!

(Images: smoothie and Seed Bombs, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic images from the photostreams of Janelle and Aida Mollencamp, respectively.)

Head Librarian’s Report – March 2011

Before the Head Librarian’s report, a few links:

1) Screwy Decimal — which is the one children’s librarian blog you should be reading — attributes the following line to a patron: “What does the future of the library look like? It depends on you.

2) MassMarrier, which Tracy introduced me to, wrote this:

I suspect pitching necessities as well will be necessary. There are plenty of Americans, even more than usual in hard times, who are eager to forgo egalitarianism. The have-nots don’t get a lot of support in rough times, and little enough in good ones. Simply appealing to the American ideals of giving everyone a chance at the dream is seldom effective.

I am a book guy, one who has spent and still spends far more than my share of time in libraries. I am not a homeless fellow using a library to stay safe and warm. I’m not someone who needs to be there to access a computer and the internet. I’m not a teen who gets homework help there. Yet each of our groups and others uses and benefits from our branch libraries. That seems as American as it gets.

and now…the Head Librarian’s Report, minus the last few pages, which I’ve somehow misplaced.  If I find them again, I’ll include them at the end of this post: Continue reading