CWW: Earth Day Cheapness

The Ecotarium will be holding its annual Earth Day Festival on Friday.  Admission is half-price all day.  More information here.

Lowe’s is giving away free trees on Saturday.

On Friday night from 6-8pm, Mothers and Company in West Boylston is going to have a Cloth Diaper Workshop (On Saturday, they’re also going to be hosting part of the Great Cloth Diaper Change, which is one of those “let’s-get-into-the-Guiness-Book-of-World-Records-for-something-really-stupid” things, and which only involves commercially purchased — not homemade — cloth diapers, which may or may not defeat the whole environmental point of things.  So let’s leave that aside for the moment.)

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but we used cloth diapers for our kids.  If it’s something you’re considering, I’d recommend going to a workshop like the one on Friday because you’ll likely see a bunch of different brands (and see how easy it is).

If you’re not interested in a workshop, the best discussion of the mechanics of (and options in) cloth diapering I’ve seen is on Ask Moxie: parts 1 and 2.

The thing with modern cloth diapering is that it’s (1) really easy (snaps, velcro, etc.) and (2) really expensive if you’re buying new diapers ($11-14 for one diaper).

When I was looking for cloth diapers, I couldn’t afford new ones, so (after doing a bit of online research) I went onto eBay and bought a couple of brands — Mother-ease and Bumkins.  (These days, I think eBay bans the sale of diapers; you might have to try craigslist instead.)

Is it squicky to buy used diapers?  Probably, but I used to shop at the Cheapo Depot in Leicester, and it’s kind of on par with that experience.  That is, you steer clear of the things that look horribly wrong and hope for the best.  There was no way I could have afforded to buy 30+ diapers new.

The problem with buying diapers at $14 a pop is that you might not have enough.  That is, if you’ve got a young baby, you’re going to be going through 10 cloth diapers a day; you want to have enough diapers to last you at least three days (two full days and enough to hold you over while you wash and dry the two days’ worth of dirty diapers you have).

The other problem with buying diapers new is that you might be really distracted by the ease of Velcro on a diaper to ignore the reality of what Velcro looks like after it’s been washed a million times.  And then you’re stuck with a bunch of diapers that are not in the best of shape by the time your second child rolls along…

In our case, it worked out pretty well.  We tended to prefer the Mother-ease Sandy’s diapers (which had plastic snaps) with Gerber plastic diaper covers.  (I don’t care how much they call ridiculously expensive cloth diapers “all-in-one”; there is no way you can get around using the dreaded rubber pants.)  We were able to primarily use cloth diapers (with disposables at night and when we went out) for an initial outlay of $200.

If you have any questions about cloth diapering, I welcome them.

CWW: Man of La Mancha Tickets

via one of my thousands of cousins.  This cousin in particular is much more musically talented than I:

The Worcester County Light Opera Company, 21 Grandview Avenue, Worcester, invites you to experience The Impossible Dream with their spring musical, Man of La Mancha. Production opens on Friday, April 29th and will run Fridays – Sundays, through May 15th.

You can get a $3.00 discount for Opening night (April 29) when you purchase online.  (Use codeword LAMANCHA)

In addition, there’s a $3.00 discount for Seniors on Sunday.

(Image: Quixote 1, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic image from Zacha Rosen’s photostream.)