Germain in for D2

In what is possibly the best news of my life (or at least my day), Mike Germain will be running for District 2 City Councilor.  He kicked off the campaign with the following:

“There is no question in my mind that the City Council and city of Worcester will be better off without Phil Palmieri.”  [in today’s Telegram]

Let’s hope that we have some more choice Germain quotes in the next couple of weeks, because the Germain haiku challenge is ON!

That’s right, the contest is to create a haiku using (or inspired by) Mike Germain quotes.  The best haiku will win the grand prize, which will likely be a book I pick up out of the free bin at the library.

For example:

If Mike Germain was
The man on the grassy knoll
I will eat my hat.

I’ve had more vices
than anyone
— regrets, I’ve
had more than a few.

This is going to be the best Council race ever.

8 thoughts on “Germain in for D2

  1. RichSPK says:

    I don’t live in Worcester anymore, and I don’t know much about Mike Germain, but I really liked Phil Palmieri. He knocked on my door and asked me what neighborhood issues were important to me, and he attended Indian Lake neighborhood meetings. I’ve never had such direct access to a politician.

  2. mike a says:

    so pumped for this!! im really hoping palmeiri goes down in defeat and we get more germain!

  3. zed says:

    I don’t live in D2 and my good friend Al P decided he couldn’t make the run this time, but I am ecstatic that Mike G is running. I will tell all my D2 friends to give Mike G a vote.

  4. jmstewart says:

    is he “in” or still considering it?

  5. jmstewart says:

    according to Nick he pulled papers for at large as well

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