Direct Air

As Tracy notes, Direct Air will be announcing two new flights from/to Worcester.

A reader who would prefer to remain anonymous (because no one wants to be on the record in this space) notes that you can already see what those destinations might be on the Direct Air website:

It seems that the first time you can book these flights is for November.

The Bahamas flights are scheduled for Thursday and Sunday.  Departing Worcester at 11am, arriving at 2:40pm, with the return flight departing at 3:45pm and arriving at 7pm.  The intro fare is $99, plus taxes, making the roundtrip $343.80.

The Puerto Rico flights are also scheduled for Thursday and Sunday.  Departing Worcester at 1:30pm, arriving at 7:30pm, with the return flight departing at 9:30am and arriving at 12:45pm.  Intro fare is the same as the Bahamas flights.

Quick D1 Question

But first, a quick reminder that you really should read wrcstr, which is a repository for all sorts of Worcester news and links.  (That is, you get a bunch of random Worcester-related links from me, and actual news-you-can-use from Mike.)  We’re always looking for guest contributors or suggestions, so let us know if you’d like to contribute.

Now, for the quick D1 question…if Virginia Ryan and Tony Economou are able to get on the ballot for D1, then that would make it a three-way race, which would mean a primary.  Does anyone have a sense, one way or the other, about whether their presence in a primary (or the primary itself) would force Joff Smith out?  (That is, whether their three-way split would make Smith the lowest vote-getter?)