Cheap Higgins Deal

Groupon has a deal for Higgins Armory today — you can buy two general-admission tickets, to be used with in a year, at $10 (half off).  I recommend buying the tickets and using them on April 16, which is Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Day.  I also recommend following DealGator Worcester, which aggregates the online deals for Worcester and was founded by a couple of local guys.

(Image: Swordbelt, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Adam Rose’s photostream.)


The crocuses/croci that were fighting for survival against cold temperatures last Saturday are now battling several inches of snow:

Since things will be warming up in the next few days, I expect the determination of these plants will pay off.

Worcester’s new school superintendent seems to have a stubborn streak as well, though not of the “hardy New Englander” kind.  She seems to like to make a decision and stick to it, regardless of how much sense it makes.  Let’s leave aside the controversial MCAS shenanigans and whether or not the School Committee deserved a full report of goings-on.  The 6+ inches of snow we got on Rattlesnake Hill overnight and the horrid state of the roads this morning reminded me that Melinda Boone doesn’t have any innate sense of when to cancel school for a snowstorm.  She had kids staying home this winter on a few occasions when the roads were quite passable and we’d only had a dusting.  And yet today, when several nearby towns cancelled classes or delayed opening, Ms. Boone had Worcester students standing in slushy snow for their buses, or the parents’ vehicles sliding all over lousy roads to drive their kids to school.  What gives, Dr. Boone?  Can you not just ask a New Englander what he/she thinks you ought to do?  Because making these calls on your own seems not to be working too well.