Borders sale = underwhelming

I should’ve put this on “Cheap Worcester Wednesday”, but it was in Shrewsbury and wasn’t particularly cheap.  Unfortunately, “Overpriced Shrewsbury Thursday” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The family and I went by Borders in Shrewsbury briefly on Sunday.  “Everything” in the “Entire Store” was on sale at 20-40% off, except — if you read the fine print — for limited exceptions.

Those limited exceptions included the whole children’s book section, which had books at 10% off and other stuff (Legos, Melissa and Doug, and other toys) at 20% off.  Now, I know I’m not the target market for new books (that is, I’m in the “Cheap Yankee” category that only responds to the sight of Jerry Ellis in cartoon form) but I really don’t understand how you can call a whole section of the store a limited exception and get away with it.

Fellow cheap-niks, I’d wait until they’re in deep discount mode before entering the store.

2 thoughts on “Borders sale = underwhelming

  1. Joe says:

    The 10% off doesn’t even cover Borders’ markup on Legos- they’re still cheaper full price at the Lego Store.

    • Nicole says:

      Well, the Legos were 20% off, but it was actually a great lesson for our older son, who is mostly used to thrift-store prices. He was looking at tiny Lego sets, and was shocked that they went for $10. (As a result of the sticker shock, he will be extremely grateful when he gets boxes of hand-me-down Legos from his cousins.)

      And — hey — there’s always Lego Club this Saturday!

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