Re-precincting (the most awkward word of all time)

Next Monday, the Board of Election Commissioners will begin discussing redistricting (or, as the Secretary of the Commonwealth calls it, re-precincting) the city.

As far as I understand, this is a process that happens every ten years as a result of the federal census.  Because populations may have shifted, and because there are guidelines for the population of each precinct and ward, the election commission needs to define (or re-define) the boundaries of each ward and precinct in the city.

I’m not terribly familiar with any of this, but there’s a lot of information about the requirements and process on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s census website.

Does anyone out there have thoughts or concerns about the re-districting/precincting process?

Updated: I have a couple of questions, if someone has the answer.  One: does this mean that city council districts could get (slightly) redrawn?  Two: if a precinct is the most basic element of our voting system, why are there some areas (mine included) where voters in more than one precinct cast their ballots at the same location?

Fallen Soldier

At some point at the height of the winter, the monument and sign at French Square (which is at the corner of Main and Apricot) got overturned.

I wasn’t sure who to contact.  I chatted with someone at DPW, who suggested I contact the Veterans’ Services Division.  Veterans’ Services responded quickly to my email and said they would coordinate with DPW (but that it could take months to fix).

A few days after I got their response, the monument and sign had been reset properly (which — unfortunately — I don’t have a picture of).  Many thanks to Veterans’ Services for the quick response!