Wescott St. – Wescott Ave. – “WesTcott St.”

Last year the folks at the DPW&P Sign Shop managed to change Wescott St. into Wescott Ave. The Wescott Ave. sign is still up a year later, so I guess no one’s embarrassed about that boo-boo.

One block away from the “Avenue” sign, they’ve now erected a sign for “Westcott St.”:

Removing the extra “t” won’t be as simple as removing the extra “ry” from “Roxburyry St.” was, so this one will probably have to be redone.  I’m sure I’m not the only taxpayer who’s getting tired of seeing signs replaced needlessly with ones that are misspelled.

In case the crew at the Sign Shop need something against which to check the spellings and/or street designations in the future, there’s a handy PDF file available for download.  From the City of Worcester, no less.  Go figure.

Or if proofreading the sign against a street listing is too time-consuming, snap a photo of the sign you’re about to erect and send it to me.  I’ll proofread it for free as a community service, and save us all some embarrassment.