Coming soon: Aldi

German supermarket chain Aldi is well on its way to completing construction soon on its new store at 500 Lincoln St., across Lincoln Street from Lincoln Plaza, on the site of the former Holiday Inn & Conference Centre.

Aldi has leased 2.25 acres at the corner of Lincoln & Country Club Boulevard for its new 16,650-square-foot supermarket; there are an additional 8 acres of land available in what will become Worcester’s newest shopping plaza.

Plans are also underway to open an Aldi market in Leominster.  Currently the closest Aldi is located in Milford, and one was also recently built in Hadley.

Like rival Price Rite (which has locations on Gold Star Boulevard and Southbridge Street), Aldi offers a smaller range of brands at prices that usually beat those of other chain supermarkets.

I have no firm date yet when they might open here in Worcester — if you have some inside information, please pass it along.  Word has it that we’ll see a grand opening later this spring.  I’ll post a quick review of the place when it finally opens.

Time will tell whether Aldi fares well in Worcester.  They’ve certainly chosen a good location, since the Lincoln St. area doesn’t yet have any other comparable discount grocers. The only other nearby supermarket options are the very pricey Stop & Shop across the street, or the very limited grocery offerings at Target.

(You can read about the Aldi/Trader Joe’s connection here. You can also read an excellent investigation into who makes Trader Joe’s-branded products here.)

10 thoughts on “Coming soon: Aldi

  1. mark says:

    Target is doing a renovation to their store to have a “Suoer Target”. They will be selling almost anything that a supermarket sells.

  2. Lee says:

    Hi –
    Thanks for the update and the links to other articles.
    We’re big fans of Trader Joe’s, but have yet to check out the area Aldi’s.
    Price-Rite’s prices are good, but the only one we’ve been to always feels grungy and messy.
    – Lee

  3. Mary says:

    Looking forward to checking out the new Aldi’s when it opens but wish they’d open a Market Basket in the Worcester area. I love the one in Oxford but it’s a trek out there.

  4. massguy says:

    I’ve shopped at Aldi Marche in France. Great little store. Mostly house brand products with low prices. Looks about the same too. I think they’ll do well in that location.

  5. […] on the street (courtesy Nicole, Worcester) says we can expect a spring opening for the new Aldi discount supermarket, being built on the site […]

  6. Charisma says:

    i’d like to work there, im very motivated, anyone know the shifts, like open, mid, day, close, late night stocking ?? i can really use the money…let me know, im gonna fill out the app, just like some insight first

  7. Lauren says:

    Aldi in Spain is a great store. Not pretty, no perks, but super cheap and with weekly deals that are never brand names but work just as well and are 1/3 of the price… I was so surprised to see that one is opening in Worcester!

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