T. Vig.

A couple of weeks ago, we were driving down West Boylston Street (which isn’t my usual route to anything), and noticed a business we hadn’t seen in quite some time:

T. Vig’s was somewhat notorious earlier in the century because of its owner Thomas Vigliatura’s involvement in dealing less-than-legal drugs.

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In 2004, Vigliatura told the Telegram:

“Kids definitely should not be taking [steroids]. They’re illegal, so I don’t advocate them and I don’t ever, ever supply them,” he said.

Still, “kids hear me, but they don’t listen,” he said.

A year later, he (along with two Worcester police officers) was arrested for running a GHB drug ring.  Dianne Williamson got not one but two columns out of the incident.

Vigliatura eventually pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and various possession charges, threatened the life of a federal prosecutor, was supposed to testify against his co-defendent but later refused, was sentenced to an additional six months (to a total of 51 months) because of that refusal, and had to forfeit his home and business.  He was released from prison in November 2009.

Three years ago, he said that he had changed.

He opened the new T. Vig’s (pictured above) last year, and I hope he continues on the straight & narrow!

2 thoughts on “T. Vig.

  1. RichSPK says:

    Is this the storefront where Jigg’s Streetwear (or something like that) was? Or is it where the homebuilders association (or something) was, in between Tortorelli’s Worcester Sound & Lights and Strand’s?

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