“some goofy, left-wing, (probably) drug-abusing college kid”

You want to peruse?  Let’s peruse the rants of one of the NEWP dudes! 

…within 5 hours of the start of the business day I received a call from the head librarian, asking me at the behest of the city manager to reschedule our meeting. Within a few hours of that I received multiple calls from the media and a local rabbi. How does the posting of some goofy, left-wing, (probably) drug-abusing college kid turn into a full-court press involving media, synagogues, and local public officials?

I’m not exactly sure who this “goofy, left-wing, (probably) drug-abusing college kid” is, but if he’s available, I think I have a cousin who’d be interested in dating him.  And, you know, I’d like to help him work on his plans for world domination via Twitter and email lists.

On a more serious note, if your whole organization can be disrupted by a “goofy college kid”, what does that say about you?  If a bunch of flaky bloggers from a relatively small municipal area can get more people at a gathering than the white supremacists can get from all of New England (“half-a-dozen Whites”)…again, what does that say about you?

Also, this NEWP dude is able to do demographic analysis on the 100-foot walk from his car to a conference room.  Sign him up for the census!

We have been meeting at the Worcester, MA public library since November, without incident, even given that the patrons of the library are almost completely non-White. In fact, the only Whites I have seen there are members of our group and library staff. This is the primary reason we chose Worcester as a meeting place – many White residents have visited our website and lodged complaints that the city they grew-up in, has become alien and hostile to them and that local authorities show no concern for their rights, traditions, and heritage.

No white patrons at the library?  Really?  In a city that is 77% white?

Obviously you have never been to Legos Club.  Or Swedish Genealogy days.  And you’ve never seen my list of holds.  (Then again, I might not be white despite my pale exterior.  Scratch that last part.)

It couldn’t happen without backing from the most powerful interests in our country. Who are these people? What is their aim?

Let me tell you who they are.  They’re a bunch of nice, well-intentioned people who don’t much like the brand of fascism you peddle.  And they’re better-organized than you, not because of some world Zionist conspiracy, but because they have a clue and give a crap.

And I’ll tell you who I am.  I’m someone who will fight for your right to say any number of offensive things.  I’m someone who will be publicizing and attending any meetings you have at the library.  I will be liveblogging them if need be.  My grandfather fought in a war to get rid of fascists like you who’d overrun his country.  You will not do the same to mine.

Welcome to Worcester!

7 thoughts on ““some goofy, left-wing, (probably) drug-abusing college kid”

  1. Mike says:

    “My grandfather fought in a war to get rid of fascists like you who’d overrun his country.”

    Great line Nicole.

    The post that you linked from “The Foremost Problem…” seems like it’s written by not such a bad guy — checking in with the Library, being pretty civil, agreeing to reschedule, taking the city orders on good faith — until … the weird anti-Jewish rants filter into the post. I’m reading it, thinking, “well, I probably have a lot to disagree with this guy about, but he doesn’t seem too out there…” and then I get to the line about Jewish tactics by T&G reporters and I’m like “wait lol wut?”

  2. Erin Lee says:

    I really hope you do sit in on their meetings and liveblog them. Why not? I’m sure that there are a lot of other people who would gladly attend with you. Also, I really have a hard time believing that there are ZERO white people in the entire library every time this guy has been in there. That has never been the case when I’m there. I guess that’s what people like that do, though. They inflate and distort the fact to fit their own agenda.

    Oh, and what exactly are “White traditions and heritage”? That’s a little broad.

  3. Complicated issue, but–
    Tax dollars support the library, and I don’t want tax dollars going to support the work of a hate group. Yes, they have a right to think/say what they want (unless advocating violence) but it does NOT have to be in a publicly-supported space.

    I understand NEWP has been meeting at the library since November. They need to get out. They do not promote white pride, they promote white superiority and hatred of people of color.

    I’m glad the community of Worcester has been tipped off to their presence and I hope the library continues to receive pressure about this.

    • Nicole says:

      Should tax dollars support the Democrats having meetings at the library? What about a past-life regression class? When the library hosts a religious group I’ve never heard of, does that mean the government’s endorsing their viewpoint? (BTW, all of the above have happened or will happen at the WPL.)

      Should folks who belong to a religion that works against gay marriage be allowed to meet at a library?

      Should folks who believe in massive budget cuts that would cut library funding be allowed to meet at the library?

      Should tax dollars pay for Danielle Steel novels?

      Where exactly do you propose ending this?

  4. Cha-Cha says:

    Ugh. I hate the NEWP. I hate everything they stand for.

    Michaelann, I wish I could just straight up agree with you on this, but… I also support Planned Parenthood and Title X, and that’s something that plenty of (anti-choice, anti-women) people out there don’t want their taxes spent on. I guess my point is, it’s like freedom of speach… if we take away a group’s rights to have a meeting because it’s in a space our tax dollars fund, what about meetings I organize around reproductive rights, sex workers rights, against the war, etc? Plenty of people in Worcester would make those meetings impossible if they could.

    What I think might be an effective way to stop NEWP is something around hate speech, speech that incites violence, etc. There are laws that make hate speech illegal. Such a group is likely to slip up on this if they haven’t already… I say, look for any excuse to ban them using hate speech legislation, and do it.

    • Nicole, the difference between the groups you site and the NEWP is the factor of hate. i don’t care if anti-abortion groups meet at the library– unless they are promoting hate and violence towards women who choose abortions. Republicans, Democrats, parties I’ve never heard of– who care? Groups that work against gay marriage– who cares?– unless they are promoting hate of gay people.

      I think the difference is fairly obvious.

      Cha Cha, I think we’re on the same page. I also support free speech, no matter how distasteful. But have you checked out these guys’ website? Once again, hate speech should not be supported by public funds.

      I would love to know exactly how deep the debate went at the Worcester Public Library in making the decision to allow this group in. Would I be allowed in if the focus of my group was that all librarians are whores who are trying to brainwash our children and seel them drugs??

      But to move this discussion to a different place: If it’s OK for NEWP to meet at the library, is it all right for people to come and protest their presence?

      • Nicole says:

        First of all, you may have missed a previous post when I told people that they should protest these folks if they have a problem with them.

        You really don’t know what these dudes were talking about in their meetings. Neither do I. Just because they have something on their website does not mean that that’s what they’re talking about in the library.

        Your definition of “free speech” (indeed, the definition of “free speech” that some of the protesters have) and mine are obviously different. I find plenty of things objectionable. I just don’t think the government should have the same level of objection that I do.

        I’m not sure if the WPL meeting rooms are designated as a public forum (because, well, I’m not a lawyer), but if they are, they really can’t discriminate against groups that want to meet there. See this page or this document for a bit more on that.

        I’m sure this will be discussed at a library board meeting, and I’ll be writing more about this tonight when I’ve put together my thoughts.

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