Big Snowthrower

I have no idea what a snow dragon is (all I can imagine is this dude), but I’d like to point out a couple of cool things DPW is doing.

One is this:

…which I have not seen in action, but whose handiwork I have seen around the city.  (The stretch of Main Street between Curtis/Gates Lane and Goddard would especially like to thank this beast!)  I hope this intersection (pointed out by Brian) gets the snow thrower treatment soon.

Two is this:

There’s going to be a meeting about rain gardens on February 28.  More information here.

(Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to balance the posts so that the next one will be a rant against DPW!)

6 thoughts on “Big Snowthrower

  1. Tracy says:

    While their logo is that cool, the reality is closer to a big medal box:

  2. Joe says:

    I wonder how much oil/propane/energy it uses to melt a dump truck full of snow vs. moving it?

    Somebody has to have done a study. It just doesn’t seem environmentally friendly.

  3. Sean says:

    I’ve heard figures of 40, 50, to even 90 gallons of diesel per hour to melt the snow. Diesel is running at about $4.00 per gallon right now in Central Mass, so do the math, and vote for shovel/plow power!

  4. […] seen photos of DPW’s giant snow thrower. Now, we have […]

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