A couple of library mentions

1) In a few minutes, the Emily Rooney Show will be discussing whether we still need libraries.  (Or, rather, “why and how libraries might be re-imagined in the future”, but “do we still need libraries” is better for ratings.)

2) A couple of weeks ago, the Boston Globe Magazine highlighted some interesting happenings at area libraries.  Among them:

Worcester Public Library

Graphic novelists and cartoonists Andy Fish and Jamie Buckmaster introduce 13- to 18-year-olds to manga, or Japanese comics. As Fish explains, “The program is designed to help them understand how to tell stories with comics, and manga, in particular.” Participants will learn how a book is published by producing a graphic novel/comic compilation called “Manga for Teens.” Second and fourth Fridays of every month through June, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Banx Room, 3 Salem Square, Worcester, 508-799-1655, http://www.worcpublib.org

Update, 12:50pm: Best quote from one of the commenters on Emily Rooney was (and this isn’t an exact quote): “We think learning is important enough that it shouldn’t just be available to those who can afford it.”

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