Today’s snow event

Whether you call it a blizzard or a snow storm probably depends on whether you were alive in 1978, but there’s certainly a lot of white stuff on the roads of Worcester this morning.


Stay home if you can, be safe if you must venture out.

One thought on “Today’s snow event

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I call it a storm as I was close to 27 in 1978. I was out on a ski-mobile rescuing stranded people in cars. We did not have doppler radio back in those days. I recalling be at work in Westboro and the plant manger was on the phone with a customer in RI. He advised the plant manager to close the shop and let his people get home while they had a chance. I only lived 6 miles from the shop and it started out no snow when I left but when I got half home it started to get questionable if I would make it home. All the cars slipping and sliding and a true lack of visiblity.

    So yeah I call it a storm. And yeah we have had more snow fall during a storm since 1978 but you could see. I have never seen anything since like 1978.

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