Quick Question on Meadow Lane

Q’s post on WorcesterPolitics reminded me that I’ve never really understood the Meadow Lane situation.

Who’s responsible for plowing the Burns Bridge (that is, the Route 9 bridge that crosses Lake Quinsigamond)?  The state owns the bridge, the city is the nearest abutter (at least on the Worcester side of the bridge), and yet I noticed that the sidewalks on the bridge were pretty well cleared after Sunday’s snowstorm.

If I were a resident of Meadow Lane, I would ask why the state seems perfectly able to clear sidewalks on at least one property it owns, but seems more than willing to pass the buck on the sidewalk along Pleasant Street.

Does the city exempt the state from shoveling sidewalks that abut the courthouse and make the nearest neighbor — that is, the hotel — plow them out?  I don’t think so.

Does the city exempt the MassDOT office on Belmont Street from shoveling its sidewalks and instead make the nearest neighbor — that is, the Medical School — do the job instead?  I don’t think so.

So why is this case any different from those?