A few thoughts about last night’s vote

I don’t have an opinion one way or another about last night’s tax rate vote.  But I would like to point out the following:

1) A vote one way or the other will not ultimately change the 2011 election.  While people are still whining about an 84% Council pay raise from four years ago, felt-tip pens across the city still keep magically bubbling in the same names that voted for the pay raise.   

Do we really think that this is going to be the tipping point to throw out certain incumbents?  Lo dudo mucho.

2) Shaun Sutner asked me if I had a category on my posts for Mike Germain.  I haven’t, because I believe that would definitely put me in “restraining order imminent” territory.  However, the following Germain-isms, some of which were covered in Jeremy’s excellent liveblog, just might put me over the edge.  (If you’re following on the video, Germain comes on around the 2 hour mark.)

“It’s a $31 argument.  That $31 does cause a lot of emotion.”

“I don’t want to do it, but I have to do it.”

“I’m always the guy who comes in sixth place.  This is political suicide for me, but I really think  it’s the right thing to do.  I’ve never come in fifth, I always come in sixth, which means next year, I’m probably coming in seventh.”

Oh, MG, you’ll always be first on my ballot!

(In all seriousness, if someone could do a Jordan Levy/New Order remix, surely we can remix Mike Germain with Animotion.  Make it happen!)

3) Let the record show that this was, if nothing else, a sign of Joe O’Brien’s organizing skills.  We saw this a little bit six months ago with his ensuring that $20 million would go to schools (in addition to $20 million for streets and sidewalks); see the 8:05 mark on this Daily Worcesteria coverage of the May 25th council meeting

You can agree with the vote or disagree with the vote, but make no mistake about it — the vote went the way it did because of JOB’s lobbying and powers of persuasion.

4) Bill Eddy’s “one community” speech (1h57m mark) was actually quite good.  If he keeps this up, I’ll have to take back everything I ever said about him.  Well, almost everything…