Nominations for Caffrey Award

The city is now accepting nominations for the Caffrey Memorial Award.  From the city website:

The Caffrey Memorial Award was established in 2001 by Colwyn and Eleanor Caffrey in honor of their three sons. The award is presented to a citizen of Worcester who demonstrates a willingness to donate their time to work for the greater good of the community. This individual possesses the qualities of courage, perseverance and fortitude through deeds and actions with the mission of improving their community.

Nominations can be submitted in writing to the Office of the City Manager, 455 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608. Attention: Caffrey Memorial Award.

Deadline for submission is Friday December 31, 2010.

Here’s information about the previous winners; click here first to access the Proquest links without an additional login:

2002 – Barbara Ward

2003 – George D. Makos

2004 – Herbert H. Adams 

2005 – Willis Magnuson

2006 – Robert Gates 

2007 – Susan D. Moynagh

2008 – Jane Petrella

2009 – Lorraine Laurie

2010 – James and Norma Connolly