Hope Cemetery news

Columbariums.  Pretty soon, we’re going to start looking at columbarium designs and work with a consultant on a columbarium for the cemetery.  Cremation is not on Nicole’s radar screen at all (it’s against my religion, and I don’t think I know many folks who have been cremated), so I’m not up on the latest in columbarium designs.

The columbarium will be located near the gate that we don’t open (along the wall, kind of near many of the more historical mausoleums).  I’d like to see something that is really beautiful go in that area.

So, dear readers, have any of you ever seen a columbarium that (a) you like, (b) does not resemble a suburban mailbox complex, and/or (c) you have a picture of?  If so, comment or send me a note. 

Vandalism.  There was a pretty historic marker for a Mr. Hemenway that had been smashed, and the Veterans had replaced it with a granite marker.  The original 19th century marker had been slate; wherever possible (though it wasn’t in this case), we’d prefer a restoration of the original.

We’ll also start getting regular reports on vandalism in the cemetery going forward.

Cemeteries are no replacement for driving school.  Six monuments were hit by someone learning to drive.  Bartlett (an accident recovery service company) will be working on the repairs and will try to get them to as close to the original status as possible.

While teaching  a kid to drive in the cemetery seems like the ‘safe’ thing to do (few drivers, fewer pedestrians), this is a case when it definitely wasn’t. 

In other news…

The Friends of Hope Cemetery will have a program on pre-1840 burial practices, with a guest from OSV.  More details when I hear them.  The Friends are also going to be reforming their sign committee and working on their website; contact them if you’re interested in either.

We’re going to be drafting a policy about genealogical research; it’s an activity that should really be going through the Friends.  It’s my understanding that volunteers of the Friends spend a couple of hours a week, on Wednesday mornings, assisting in genealogical research.

We’ll be setting fees for the coming calendar year next week.  We’ll also be getting more information about the Perpetual Care trust in January.

There were no issues to speak of on Halloween weekend.

Anything you want me to mention?  I will inquire about whether Hope could ever offer green burials in the future, and I’ll try to get more updates on the barn (which is going to have some basic work done).  Anything else?

(Image:  539G8900, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from halserad’s photostream.)