Thanks to Doreen, Jeremy, Steve, and everyone else at WoMag for making Jeff a Hometown Hero.

The thing with Jeff was that he defied any stereotype you might want to throw at him. 

Dumb taxi driver?  Furthest thing from the truth. 

Blogger in the basement with the bunny slippers?  No, he was out on the street, taking pictures, more engaged than 99% of the population. 

Old dude?  I don’t think any of us could keep up with him.

There’s going to come a day when I don’t cry when I write about Jeff, or when I read about Jeff, but that day hasn’t come yet.


Super-sizing the December electric bill

This is the blogging version of those letters-to-the-Telegram-editor that are just a summary of an event that was already well-covered in the Telegram. No opinion, no flavor, just summary.

Here are some extremely grainy photos from last week’s tree lighting on the Common.

If I may inject one or two opinions into this otherwise bland and worthless post, it’s that the timing for the tree lighting was a little tight. The Common tree lighting was at 5:00ish, and then everyone official (Santa included) needed to book it pretty quickly to the Green Island/Canal District/Kelley Square tree lighting at 5:30. As those of us with kids know all too well, it’s tough getting anyone under age 7 to meet a fifteen-minute window for the Santa meet-and-greet.  (On my short walk back to the car, I heard more than one family complain that they thought the lighting was going to start at quarter past, that they came at five past and that it was already over.)

I don’t want to be unnecessarily grumpy about this; I think that having a separate tree lighting in the Kelley Square area is fine, but, next year, perhaps we could either pick a different night for a neighborhood tree lighting or move it out a bit later.