Rick Rushton

If you’ve read this blog on a regular basis, you know I’m an extraordinarily grumpy person who only shows someone a bit of kindness if s/he likes Doctor Who and/or has red hair.

I don’t think I’ve written too badly of Rick Rushton on these pages, though I can’t ever recall voting for him (for which I think he should actually thank his lucky stars, because people I vote for tend not to win) and he isn’t really my favorite city councilor.

In the past few weeks, Rick Rushton was the driving force behind Jeff Barnard receiving the key to the city.  I thanked him and the Mayor for that in person, and Rick was kind enough to tell me his side of the ride-in-the-taxi story.

Rick came to Jeff’s memorial service last Thursday, and I meant to thank him for that as well, but I was too upset at the time.

I think it says a lot about Rick’s sense of humor that he was willing to do all that for someone who repeatedly referred to him as “Ricky Raccoon.”

Thank you, Rick.


A few people have asked me about the disposition of the Worcester, Massachusetts blogroll, and I don’t have a good answer on that yet. 

I would like to point out a blog that isn’t (yet) included on that blogroll and which you might find of interest.  James M. Lang is writing a blog about exploring alternative religious traditions, and I highly recommend it.


I’d also like to remind you that we’ll be having a Blogger Coffee the evening of Wednesday, December 8 at Panera Bread on Gold Star Boulevard. 

Blogger coffees are just a way for people to get together, talk about Worcester, and see what Mike Benedetti’s wearing.  This time, we’ll talk about Jeff too, probably even more than we did at the last one.

I hope to see you there.