Slogan Suggestions

It’s been a few years since the city decided to abandon slogans for one night.

What is it about Worcester that inspires so many slogans?

Why is it we always talk about Worcester as if she were a person in her own right?

(I know I’m taking a bit of a leap using feminine pronouns to talk about Worcester.  I use them solely because she’s the ship we’re currently traveling on.  If Worcester had a sex, she’d be a hermaphrodite.)

I think there are so many slogans about Worcester because talking about Worcester is a bit like trying to describe your boyfriend to someone who’s never met him before.

Let’s say you describe your boyfriend as “tough.”  Your interlocutor hears that as “Sylvester Stallone wannabe”; you meant it as “he doesn’t believe in winter jackets unless it’s twenty below.”

You describe your boyfriend as “sweet”, which makes it sounds as though he sends you flowers on a regular basis.  What it really means is that he tolerates your Mickey-Rourke-up-to-and-including-Harley-Davidson-and-the-Marlboro-Man obsession.

Just like you keep trying to put labels on your indescribable boyfriend, so you keep trying to label the city you live in.  For quick identification.  For justification on why you continue to live here.  As a funny shorthand between friends.

To that end, I feel like I as a Worcesterite should create at least one slogan for our city.

And that slogan is…

Worcester.  Try it, you’ll like it.

(I think this would work really well as a Yo Gabba Gabba/Alka Seltzer mashup.)

Of course, I proposed this to my husband (who, incidentally, not only tolerates but feeds my Mickey Rourke obsession) and came up with a slogan of his own…

Worcester.  It grows on you.  Like a fungus.

It’s a bit blurry, but…

…you can just make out two people enjoying Federal Square in this picture.  In fact, the man (sitting, in the green sweatshirt) is taking a picture of the woman (standing, striking a post).

A friend took this picture Wednesday night, and the funniest thing is that these were not the first people we saw taking pictures of the beautiful lights downtown.  I’ll try to take some less blurry pictures tonight.