Kaprielian’s RMV tapdance

It’s no longer breaking news, but the Southbridge office of the Registry of Motor Vehicles that moved to this rest area plaza on the Mass. Pike:

. . . now has an attractive new home here, in downtown Southbridge:

I’m all in favor of fiscal prudence in government agencies, but moving the South County Registry of Motor Vehicles to a toll-highway rest stop has to be one of the most tone-deaf moves that Rachel Kaprielian (who, incidentally, is a Holy Cross graduate) has made. 

It would perhaps have made more sense to introduce the touch-screen kiosks to each and every Pike rest stop rather than making people pay (or go completely out of their way, or park half a mile away) to use the RMV.

While an apology to Southbridge-area people would have been nice, let’s not hold our breath waiting.

Of course, there is one thing missing to complete the new Registry’s external décor: