Blogger Beer

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the Blogger Beer at Vincent’s tonight:

Jeremy, Brittany, Josh and Joyanna, Scott, Karl, Jim [now updated with a link], Brian, Dave, Chad, CCKT, Brendan, Gabe, Tim, Patrick Lynch from Destination Worcester, Cathy, Sam, and Bill (whom I unfortunately missed).

I’d never been to Vincent’s before (truth be told, I only picked it because I’m a Ray Winstone fan) and if I’d known (a) how tiny it is in there and (b) that a good cross-section of bloggers, tweeters, and readers would come, I’d likely have picked a larger venue.  But we were able to able to transition our conversations to the patio area and (I hope) everyone got a chance to mingle a bit.

(I’m looking forward to people posting photos.  Especially the one where I give a meaningful hair-flip.)

Thank you all for such a lovely time!  I hope to see you all (and those we missed) at the next blogger event (venue suggestions welcome, though I’m leaning towards Firewood Cafe, if it opens soon).

I’ll take the liberty of speaking for everyone when I say that there was one person we all would have liked to see, and whose presence was sorely missed.  And I’ll speak for myself when I say that you have been and continue to be an inspiration to me, Jeff, that I am really proud of you, and that you continue to be in my prayers.

9 thoughts on “Blogger Beer

  1. And thanks to you for being the catalyst for this unlikely and yet likable gathering. Yep, I think that it’s fair to say that we were in the room together because of Jeff, even if he wasn’t there.

  2. Jim May says:

    The URL is, Nicole

    It was nice to see so many names and faces!

    Vincent’s was a great place. Much opportunity for interaction and one on one chatting once we got out to the porch

    Having people sit down as opposed to standing may be a detriment

    Some ideas perhaps:

    a) if the party starts at 530, say,maybe have pppl (if they want) do a one min intro to the group at , say, 6pm

    b) having a private “room” assured all there that it was an exclusively a worcester bloggers group

    c) name tags?

    House party for Christmas?

    • Nicole says:

      Someone said to me last night that he liked the event because there’s no agenda [from the organizers or the attendees]. I’d be willing to have people do a one minute intro if others were willing, though.

      I did like the “private room” aspect of Vincent’s, though when we did our other events, we kind of had a section to ourselves. A more formal sit-down place WOULD be tougher…

      I’d defer to what other people think about name tags.

      I would prefer we meet in public places for a variety of reasons. People tend to be chatty, and we’re never quite sure who’s going to come, which can be tough for a host. I also think it’s good policy for people to meet those they only know from the Internet in public places.

  3. Brian Nelson says:

    Sorry to have missed it. I didn’t return from a trip out Western Mass. as early as I had hoped. And yes, Vincent’s is a great place! Be seeing you the next session!

  4. Kathy Barnard says:

    I’m just popping in to say “hi” to everyone, and to thank you for the thoughts and prayers.
    I am on indefinite leave from work to care for Jeff as he now needs 24/7 care.
    He’s not up for visits and is no longer talking on the phone… I think he might let me check his e-mail and the blog today (the last time he touched it was when he got the key to the city)
    Please know how much you all mean to him and many thanks again!!
    — Kathy

  5. Scott Zoback says:


    Thinking of both of you. He means a lot to all of us—-

  6. jpm01609 says:

    There is always difficulty planning a party in December. You want to do it as a Christmas party because it naturally fits in. But then it gets difficult to work a day that works for everyone. When I got there the other night, I was already to buy pitchers and just see where it goes. I found the several conversations I had the pleasure to be in thoughtful, interesting and enthusiastic about Worcester. I think the Telegram misses the boat by NOT being there.

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