Blogger Beer

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the Blogger Beer at Vincent’s tonight:

Jeremy, Brittany, Josh and Joyanna, Scott, Karl, Jim [now updated with a link], Brian, Dave, Chad, CCKT, Brendan, Gabe, Tim, Patrick Lynch from Destination Worcester, Cathy, Sam, and Bill (whom I unfortunately missed).

I’d never been to Vincent’s before (truth be told, I only picked it because I’m a Ray Winstone fan) and if I’d known (a) how tiny it is in there and (b) that a good cross-section of bloggers, tweeters, and readers would come, I’d likely have picked a larger venue.  But we were able to able to transition our conversations to the patio area and (I hope) everyone got a chance to mingle a bit.

(I’m looking forward to people posting photos.  Especially the one where I give a meaningful hair-flip.)

Thank you all for such a lovely time!  I hope to see you all (and those we missed) at the next blogger event (venue suggestions welcome, though I’m leaning towards Firewood Cafe, if it opens soon).

I’ll take the liberty of speaking for everyone when I say that there was one person we all would have liked to see, and whose presence was sorely missed.  And I’ll speak for myself when I say that you have been and continue to be an inspiration to me, Jeff, that I am really proud of you, and that you continue to be in my prayers.

CWW Quick Takes

At tonight’s Blogger Beer, Karl told me that the Sears Outlet is having a blowout sale on clothing — he got an awesome corduroy blazer for $8.  (I don’t know how he knew my weakness for corduroy blazers.  I must just be the type.)

Also, the Big Lots in the Greendale Mall is opening on Friday.  I’ll try to prepare a photo post about that at some point soon.