Southwickian Festivities

As not one but two readers have pointed out to me, tomorrow is:

135th Annual Meeting of Worcester Historical Museum
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4:00 Annual business meeting
Fletcher Auditorium

4:30 Presentation of the first
George Bancroft Award to
in recognition of his decades-long
commitment to sharing and
celebrating the history of Worcester

A reception will follow in the exhibition
in the Booth Gallery
R.S. V. P. to 508.753.8278

(Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend as I have a prior engagement.  Otherwise, you know I’d be there.)

Library Board Liveblog

(sorry, I’m late)

FPBL ready Dec 8 (I assume that means the new desk)

Literacy Volunteers offering more computer classes

5.20 – Nov 15 – Holy Cross hosting new MA Library System meeting

(some of what I missed: Joel presented at a conference about library security and showed how he can see security cameras from his iPhone)

5:21 – Maria also presented at the conference on Saturday; Alice Welch from the Friends as well, and Jack Donahue (formerly of the board).

5.22 – Donna has a question: impact of retirements?

Mark says there were 7 interested, 5 are taking it.  One member of Talking Book staff.  Fallout: 2 people in tech processing (cataloguers) and two at branch (circulation (part-time) and childrens).  Advocating for both cataloguing positions.  Can’t have a library of this size and stature without cataloguers.  “Miles of stacks in the basement of this building”, $400k in new materials every year.

Also advocate for youth services position at FPBL.  Also, vacancy since July of branch supervisor. 

Clark money – don’t know what the allocation will be yet.

5.26 – Donna: if they say yes to filling positions, what would timing be?

Would need to get RFPs signed off, ads out, realistically, several months.

5.27 – timeline from manager’s office on when they’ll make decisions?  No.

5.28 – could the treasurer of the board be in attendance at the next meeting with Zidelis?  yes.  Will see if he can come to next board meeting (December 7).

5.29 – Jabian thinks the board should advocate to City Council as well. 

5:33 – Jyoti – How much do councilors know about the new initiatives?  (mixing celebration with appeal to make it more positive).  Mark: programming, computer lab space, but also need to market and publicize it.

Jabian, once again chair: they’ll draft letter.  Also, regarding PILOT monies: they’ll discuss with Zidelis before next board meeting.

5:36 – next month nominations for board positions.

5:37 – trust fund expenditures $24,000, most for computers/electronics, part of technology strategic plan, $1700 for education.

5:38 – Friends Board met October 19 – still looking into how we can get membership up (Paypal?), hopefully available by end of January; internet book sales are doing fine; bookstore in July made $2442, August $2667, September $2447, October was a slow month.

Friends, cont’d – Thinking about getting a computer for the bookstore, need a computer and printer down there.

More passes purchased for Ecotarium and two state park passes. 

Board approved holding a lunch for the custodians.  Joel highly approved.

Seeking to get parking passes for Friends volunteers who work in the bookstore or in the sorting room.  Several people have received parking tickets – shouldn’t they have a pass?  Mark will check into that.

5.42 – (Still Friends-related) Checking into possible speakers for annual meeting in April.  Getting a new sign in the lobby for the bookstore. 

Discussion of parking passes for board members, and how they still get tickets even with the pass. 

Doreen notes that the income-tax preparers also got passes, as they were volunteers as well.  The ARC folks were able to coordinate that.

5:45 – report of the ad hoc committee on gifts.  Met on November 3; reviewed gift policy procedures.  Question about how this was implemented.  Maria put together the actual steps in writing.  Policy is not changed, but process clearly outlined is helpful.

Also, discussed Talking Book Library; their funding comes from the Commonwealth.  Discussion of how those donations happen.

Discretionary fund for head librarian – decided that Maria would collect data to determine what would make a useful policy.  Prior to the meeting, Bob presented that the Foundation have a line item of $1000 for head librarian discretionary fund.  Just for Mark to use for staff development, training, whatever.

5:49 – Jabian: with discretionary fund, … Maria: he would still need to submit paperwork, but it does give him some flexibility.  Needs to be library-related. 

Judy: the gift policy would go into the directors handbook.

The policy was voted on at the Foundation meeting on November 3.

5:52 – Maria – event from October – netted over $14,000, which is double that of last year.  Good meeting with Mark Bilotta of COWC to reestablish relationships with colleges.  Working on financial review which should be done by January.

Open House event at FPBL, unveiling circulation desk and capital improvements. 

Tea for longtime friends of WPL in mid-December.

Foundation funded open Sundays, attendance stats look good.

(discussion of how to learn from other libraries on fundraising, etc.)

5:57 – Bill: brought a birthday card for Ed Brooke for people to sign.  Also, promotional campaign of notable Worcesterites asking them what they’re reading with pictures to be posted in the library.

Jabian asks if Bill wants to bring five names for next time.

Bill says that he just wanted to bring the concept back.

Can a company sponsor a mentor or one of the staff to guide the youth downstairs?

More ICT plugs.  They can get a 1/4 page ad.

6:03 – we’re done.