Have we finally reached the 21st Century?

Or have we just gotten to a point where Konnie Lukes reads my mind?

I keep procrastinating about petitioning the City Council regarding government 2.0 stuff, but that’s ok — Konnie just did it for me.  (See this week’s Council agenda.)


11d. Request City Manager report on the development of a “crowdsourcing” program to be initiated on a pilot basis on the City’s website as a web based collaborative for polling and problem solving based on citizen input. (Lukes)

11e. Request City Manager provide a legal opinion as to what controls, if any, can be used by the City regarding inappropriate responses to a “crowdsourcing” project and whether the identities of responders can be required. (Lukes)

11h. Request City Manager report which city departments and officials use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc., and the process and criteria used in determining which department or individual uses social media and what purpose and accomplishments result from the usage. (Lukes)

So, I guess I’ll try to make some sort of public comment at that Council meeting, where I will say something along the lines of, “IdeaScale is free and awesome, people!”

Let’s do a rundown of the City and Social Media for Konnie, though —

The Library is on Twitter, Facebook, etc.; you can text or chat live with a librarian as well.

The Police do press releases via Twitter, and you can text an anonymous tip.

DPW&P has an excellent Twitter/Facebook feed, along with their winter parking ban text service.  You can also chat live with a customer service rep during business hours.

Worcester Emergency Management is on Twitter.

Worcester Arts Council is on Facebook, as is the Citizen Advisory Council.

Worcester Cultural Coalition is on Twitter, and has an excellent email newsletter you can sign up for

You can also sign up for emails from the City of Worcester’s Economic Development office or the Planning office (or both).

Does anyone else have anything to add?

One thought on “Have we finally reached the 21st Century?

  1. Tracy says:

    That the School Department has an item on social media sitting in subcommittee, awaiting a response from the administration?

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