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Friendly reminder to put wrcstr in your feed reader!  I’ve been trying to put up a post every day or so, as have Mike & Tracy.

Also, I was interviewed for this article.  I don’t have much to add (except that, while I did have about 25 volunteers show up in the spring, there were nowhere near that many this past Saturday).

I do try to stay positive about the whole trash situation (mostly because no one really wants to hear me whine!) and I’d like to remind people that it’s really quite cheap to dispose of all manner of waste via DPW’s Residential Drop-Off Center.  (Three dollars for a tire, seven dollars for a mattress.  Not that I’m pointing any fingers, former-owner-of-a-king-sized-pink-mattress!)

Did you know that asphalt roof shingles can be recycled?  My friend C., who helped me with a whole roof’s worth of those very items this weekend, said there’s a place in Fitchburg that will take them.  So — to the person who dumped them (and, incidentally, I have all your contact information from the manilla folder’s worth of invoices you conveniently left for us to find!) — I don’t want your roof shingles, my neighbors don’t want your roof shingles, and the wee beasties who live in these woods really don’t want your roof shingles…but Recycle America does want your roof shingles.

For those of you who have been waiting to hear how easy it is for DPW to help with a cleanup, here’s what I did:

1) I called a DPW mucky-muck’s office, described what I wanted to do (have a fall cleanup) and left a message.

2) Received a call back approximately two or three hours later from Jim.  He told me just to let him know after the cleanup occured, and to collect the trash in a place where his trucks could reach.

3) We had the cleanup on Saturday.  My wheelbarrow and I took care of a few loose ends yesterday morning (and this morning).

4) I called Jim yesterday afternoon and told him he could pick things up whenever.

5) I spoke with him at noon today…and he told me he’d already sent the trucks to pick up the trash.  They’ve picked up everything (!) but the aforementioned asphalt shingles, which they need a claw for.  How’s that for customer service!

Yes, we still needed to pick up the trash.  Yes, we still needed to put it in a couple of central locations.  There is no magic wand that can be waved to get rid of this much trash.  However, I have found that the only effective way to get rid of it is to stop complaining and start doing.  All the wishing in the world won’t get as much done as Bob Q, me, a wheelbarrow, and a couple of hours.

7 thoughts on “Where you can find me

  1. Tina Zlody says:

    Was that Jim Kempton? He is AWESOME! He takes care of us at stART.


  2. Tracy says:

    The DPW is great about this.
    And Bob Q’s intensity on such projects is commendable.

  3. Joe says:

    Augh, I wish I had known about that when I did my roof a few years back.

    My shingles went to the Hudson transfer station (http://www.townofhudson.org/Public_Documents/HudsonMA_Health/transfer) – you don’t need to be a resident- or to the commercial site in Leicester.

    (The people in Hudson are much more laid-back: good for when you’re not used to driving a dump trailer.)

    Half a roof of shingles (2 layers) wasn’t much more than $200. I don’t get it- is it really going to break the bank for these people- the roof has to cost more than 10x that.

    Let us know if the city fines this knucklehead!

  4. jim may says:

    Nicole, how effective are the cameras that are supposedly installed up there?”

    how often do cops or citizens patrol the area?

    are folks actually being fined?

    • Nicole says:

      1) Well, Jim, heavy emphasis on the ‘supposedly.’ The cameras the city owns need electricity (so, a pole with a streetlight) which the street (at least in that area) is lacking. So — actually — getting cameras that will work in the area (like hunter’s cameras) is still going to require effort.

      But one of the neighbors made a good point: when the area is extremely neat, as it is after a cleanup, it usually stays clean for 2-3 months because dumpers get nervous (that there are cameras, someone is watching them, etc.). So — is it more cost-effective to put in cameras, or just to keep things very clean (calling DPW to do multiple pickups a year)?

      I don’t know the answer — we’re at a point now where things are pretty much maintenance (picking up new dumping as opposed to 5-10 years’ worth of junk) and where next year we can start focusing on the nitpicky cleanliness stuff. My suspicion is that the cleaner a place is, the less likely people are to dump. Now I’ve got to prove it.

      2) I used to see cops around all the time. Now, I don’t see them as much. The neighbors do what they can, but there are so few that it’s hit or miss.

      3) Yes, according to the KWC minutes, but you really do need to catch them in the act (or on camera).

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