Boards and Commissions — It’s Not Too Late!

I appeared on 508 last Friday to encourage people to get out there and apply for city boards and commissions.

Someone asked me what the experience of being on 508 is like.  (I’d only previously appeared on the 100th episode, which was a bit atypical, so this was a different experience.) 

I’d heard other people complain about how early they tape.  But when they told me to meet them at 8am, I thought, Gee, the morning’s almost over at that point!  (Because by that time, I’ve already had multiple children jump on me, multiple dogs and cats contribute all manner of animal hair to my pant legs, and dropped a kid off at school.)

The show goes by so quickly.  I actually think it’s worth seeing Mike and Brendan do a show just to see how Mike works the camera (it gets shoved in your face, which causes major deer-in-the-headlights from the likes of me) and how quickly Brendan can come up with all sorts of random banter.

But — again — I’m here to write about boards and commissions.

A week from now, the Citizen Advisory Council will be meeting to review board & commission vacancies next Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 6:30pm at City Hall, 3rd Floor.

Here’s why you should consider applying:

1) Once there are fewer openings, I will never again appear on 508 appealing for people to apply.  What that means for you is…about twenty fewer “ums” per minute on your favorite local podcast.

2) If you’re busy right now, but think you’ll be less busy in three months — now is the perfect time to apply!  By the time the process is over (referral, interview with the City Manager/HR/other people, appointment), two or three months will have passed.  So start the process now!

3) While Tina mentioned that the Worcester Arts Council is very active and involved, there are plenty of boards and commissions that were made for lazy people like you and me!  (Trust me, the whole goal of my adult life has been to do as little work as possible.)  If you are lazy but would like the cachet of being a city official, look through the profile directory and find a board that only meets on an as-needed basis. 

4) Email the City’s HR Department if you have any questions, or just to get on the mailing list for future openings.  They do not bite and they will usually get back to you right away.  Also, the Citizen Advisory Council is on Facebook; you should follow them!

5) As I said on 508, if you get onto the Cable Television Advisory Committee, you get to meet TC.  If you join Trust Funds, you get to meet Tom Zidelis.  I also do not think it will fast-track your application if you say that some crazy blogger encouraged you to apply.  On yesterday’s Left Ahead podcast, Mike said, “Five years from now, if somebody’s applying for the library board, [I hope someone] will look at those applicants and say, ‘This person’s a good blogger.  We could use a good blogger on the library board.'”  While we may get there eventually, I really don’t think we’re at that point right now.  (Though I’d love to be proved wrong!)

So get out there and apply!

(Image: 539G8912, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from halserad’s photostream of Hope Cemetery)