Camou is Rambo’s autumn color

About a dozen years ago, my husband bought and planted some “historic trees” from a company which propagates seedlings from trees that are known to have been associated with (or planted by) some well-known person from U.S. history.  These trees arrived as small seedlings, and are now taller than our home.

One of the trees planted was a Rambo apple tree propaged from one which had been originally planted by “Johnny Appleseed” (John Chapman of Leominster).  For many years this tree just grew steadily, but produced no blossoms or fruit.  In the past few years, though, we’ve been getting blossoms and a few apples.

The fruit of the Rambo starts out growing green, but as they mature, they turn into a mottled assortment of greens, browns, reds & yellows.  Here are some pictures of an apple my family and I shared last night:

It is a firm apple with a mildly tart taste (less tart than Granny Smith).  Quite delicious.

As an interesting aside, according to author David Morrell who wrote the novel “First Blood” (which inspired the film of the same name), the character John Rambo gets his name from the apple.  (You knew I had to get a Stallone reference in there somehow!)

WBUR Gloss

I don’t have time to write anything more than sketchy notes about this WBUR piece about how Worcester is finding out that it can do something besides abrasives

Basically, the message I got from this was:

  • Worcester: it’s a cheap place to live if you’d rather be in Providence!  (No mention of the fact that pushing Worcester to be a bedroom community to various other cities that will remain nameless has made housing prices unaffordable for many residents.)
  • The original Galleria was supposed to be the juggernaut to transform the local economy.  (Really?  Was this ever the case?  Why were the further promises about the Centrum, MedCity, etc., never mentioned?)
  • That John Anderson was mayor of Worcester is not notable in the least.
  • The biotech/medical industries, which I’ve heard mentioned as the future of our economy for a few years now, merit about one sentence when it comes to the city’s economy.
  • We can only find people who are associated with Hanover Insurance to do a piece about Worcester.

(Image: Closed, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Troy B. Thompson’s photostream)